Einstein Telescope Design Update

Einstein Telescope Design Update Workshop at Glasgow, September 2017

Slides From Plenary Presentations

GraWIToN ESR presentation award Ceremony

All GraWIToN Early Stage Researchers present at the ET update meeting gave a four minute presentation of their PHD project.
The best presentation (judged by a jury of supervisors) got a certificate:


Top level discussions

  • Still LF the key feature? — Science case difference between 2Hz cut-off and 10Hz cut-off. What will be covered by LISA already? What else to we get from LF apart from BBH? Thomas, David.
  • Length argument: Infrastructure (ultimate noise limit, long-term capability) vs detector (short term + cheaper)?
  • Michele: The two things we have to decide within the next two years: Underground or not? And triangular or not?
  • Is ET a brand? Is it what we want to be? Is it important or a hindrance in global coordination?
  • Steps needed towards ESFRI roadmap (level of maturity/TDS?)

List of items to investigate


optical topology

site and infrastructure

Working group meeting: Michele Punturo, Jo v/d Brand, Tamas Novak, Peter Van, Niels van Bakel



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