People & Institutions

Institutions/People involved, and their alignment with the Workpackages:

photo Last Name First Name University email WP1 WP2 WP3 WP4 WP5
Andersson Nils University of Southampton N.A.Andersson@SOTON.AC.UK
Cunningham Liam University of Glasgow
Daw Ed University of Sheffield
Freise Andreas University of Birmingham
Gibson Des University of West of Scotland
Hammond Giles University of Glasgow
Hendry Martin University of Glasgow
Heng Ik Siong University of Glasgow
Hough James University of Glasgow
Kalaimani Rachel K IIT Madras
Masso Reid Mariela University of Glasgow
Mitra Sanjit IUCAA Pune
Prabhakar Anil IIT Madras
Rajalakshmi G TIFR Hyderabad
Rajagopal Prabhu IIT Madras
Raman Karthik TIFR Hyderabad
Rapol Umakant IISER Pune
Raychaudhury Somak IUCAA Pune
Reid Stuart Strathclyde University
Rowan Sheila University of Glasgow
Scott Jamie University of Glasgow
Souradeep Tarun IUCAA Pune
Sutton Patrick Cardiff University
Vecchio Alberto University of Birmingham
Veitch John University of Glasgow
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