Kelvin Building new wireless coverage

Wireless coverage from the access points I've installed.


AP Socket Room Notes
014 8C/06/42 427a Sky pit
016 RW2-31 209 Upper switch room. Old AP off
015 RW2-05 204 Cryo lab. Old AP off in 215 (regular network!!!)
025 EP4-27 462 Giles' office
023 WP2-21 234a SUPA meeting room. Old AP off.
024 RW01/02 314a Goes to panel A1 (cabinet 2) in 405! Old AP off
026 EP2-42 252b Bryan's office
027 WP4/02/20 470 Replace cable! Old AP off and disconnected.
028 RW/01/14 211a JIF control room. Goes to panel A1 (cabinet 2) in 405!
008 CB-033 333 Doesn't go though the wall to 327a at all!
009 CB-097 327b Covers 327b and a nicely.
010 8D/03/17 102a Lower switchroom (mezzanine)
003 8D1/00/12 117a Stores office
002 RW1-09 116 Only adequate signal through to 116c
004 RW1-27 113b Also goes down to pit!
043 Direct 331 Connected directly to switch in cabinet 8C. Should cover PhySoc room reasonably. Thick walls round this area.
042 RW/L2/53 210 SSP FIB/TEM suite
041 CB-006 253 Meeting room. Had to take faceplate off to get cable into broken CB-005 socket!
073 8C/05/05 133 LISA cleanroom. Labelling on socket lies, actually goes to 243d panel 5!!!
EP2-28 250 Stefan's office


Powerpoint file and PDF file showing locations of UniFi wireless points.

Estimated coverage maps

Note that coverage extends to some rooms which I haven't coloured in, as I don't have access to them.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

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