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The GrEAT network is happy to announce the start of an online seminar series or “webinars” on gravitational wave science! Experts from China and the UK will be delivering talks every two weeks on a particular area of their research.

Members of the GrEAT network should get in touch if they require connection information.

Please see the schedule below for dates and speakers:


  • May 10 - Students / Early researchers Webinar 17 - Weichangfeng Guo “Black Hole Encounter Detection Using Machine Learning” and Mariela Masso Reid “Thermal conductivity of HCB” webinar - Filesize: 444 MB
  • June 28 - Students / Early researchers Webinar 20 - Yuan Yong (WHU) “Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition applied to reconstruction of core-collapse supernovae gravitational-waves waveforms” and Chalisa Gier (University of Strathclyde)“Developing Optical Coatings for Gravitational Wave Detectors and Laser Optics using Next Generation Ion Beam Deposition Technique”
  • July 12 - Students / Early researchers Webinar 21 - Xinchun Hu (HUST) “Joint detection of massive black hole binaries by LISA” and Leigh Smith (Univeristy of Glasgow) “The search sensitivity of gravitational waves from parabolic black hole capture events”
  • July 26 - Students / Early researchers Webinar 22 - Mingyue Zhou (HUST) “Joint detectability of stellar-mass binary black hole for TianQin and LISA” and Lianggui Zhu (Sun Yat-sen University)


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