Prof. Siong Heng - Slides Dr. Marwa Ben Yaala - slides Shuai Liu - Slides

List of speakers

Uploads by 10 Nov Available to watch from 16 Nov the latest

Education and Outreach

  • Martin Hendry confirmed
  • Dongji Chen. confirmed
  • Hong Qi confirmed
  • Prof. Cuilan Qiao


  • 12m Prototype BNU - Prof. Fan Zhang confirmed video received
  • coatings - Marwa Ben Yaala confirmed video received
  • suspensions -
  • Xian Chen confirmed - Standard siren
  • Yi-Ming Hu confirmed video received

Title: GW astronomy with the TianQin observator

  • Haixing Miao confirmed

Title: Quantum approaches to improving gravitational-wave detector sensitivity at kHz Abstract: Quantum noise limits the sensitivity of ground-based laser interferometric gravitational-wave detectors. In this talk, I will focus on the quantum shot noise that dominates from hundred Hz (tens of Hz for future detectors) to several kHz. I will discuss the quantum approaches to reducing it and the impact on science cases of observing (post-)merger signals from binary neutron stars. Till the end, the current experimental program at Birmingham, which studies the active optomechanical filter approach, will also be presented.

  • Mekhi Dhesi confirmed
  • Garvin Yim confirmed. Model for transient NS GWs
  • Jordan McGinn confirmedvideo received

Title:Generating gravitational waves with Generative Adversarial Networks

  • Hunter Gabbard confirmed video received
  • N. Andersson confirmed video received
  • Mekhi Desi confirmed video received

Schools & exchanges

  • Nils Andersson confirmed
  • Haixing Miao ?
  • Students (see list below)

Industry related

  • Carlos Garcia Nuñez confirmed
  • Jinlong

Student's list

  • Xinchun confirmed video received
  • Weichangfeng confirmed
  • Xueting Zhang confirmed video received


  • Yufeng Li confirmed
  • Mingyue Zhou confirmed video received
  • Shuai Liu confirmed video received
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