Project: Autoalignment of the Reference Cavity of the AEI-10m

Aim of this project (January 2010)

The aim of this project is produce a design document for the auto alignment system of the reference cavity for the AEI-10m by April 2010. This is a very preliminary list of topics that we should cover in this report:

  • Position of quandrant detectors and spot position detectors
  • Computing the corresponding control matrix and optimising it for orthogonality. This will probably include designing the gouy phase telescopes.
  • Define the actuators and show that they are 'properly' orthogonal
  • Define RF modulation frequency and choose photodiode design
  • Noise Analysis of the system?

1st Draft of Design from Fumiko (April 2010)

Here is the document: aa_aei_proto_fst_dft.pdf

Note from Fumiko's email: “There is still a need to discuss to finalize this version, and this one is subject to change although not a big nor fundamental change.”

I finished it and put it here, thanks. aa_aei_proto_4.pdf prot_ma.c pt1dcmitlens0.c pt1dcmitlens3.c dws_pt.kat

dwf_finesse.m dwf.m

Review of the Design document (May 2010)

Rolland Schilling and Andreas Freise agreed to serve as 'official' reviewers for this project.


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